Woven brown shades in a classic style dining room

Where Could You Use A Woven Or Bamboo Shade In Clearwater?

January 07, 2022

If natural woven and bamboo shades caught your eye when browsing for window treatments, you likely recognized their appeal immediately and made a mental picture of them in your Clearwater home. They unquestionably are unlike standard fabric window products. They function in a bit of a different manner as well. Woven and bamboo shades might not fulfill all of your window product demands in every situation, but you fill find times when they are the ideal choice. Here’s how to use woven and bamboo shades in your Clearwater home to completely benefit from these inspired window coverings.

Install Woven Or Bamboo Shades In Clearwater To Incorporate Nature’s Beauty To Your Windows

Numerous modern interior designs stress the importance of implementing products made of natural materials to bring a small portion of Mother Nature inside. In the event you’re already using solid wood pieces and houseplants, you can use woven or bamboo shades in Clearwater to bring one more piece of nature to your decor. Get these shades in natural substances like bamboo, grasses, rattan, and jute. Each has its own distinct appeal to suit your tastes. Their natural colors and complex woven compositions are available in endless variants that bring elegance and warmth to your interior.

Try Woven Shades For The Perfect Balance Of Privacy And Sunlight

Woven brown shades in a dining room  

Window coverings are intended to assist you in achieving the balance of exterior light and privacy you would like in your home. You’ll find an abundance of alluring weave patterns, and each shade allows a unique amount of natural light to shine through, depending on how tight the weave is. You might use shades with less compact weaving in a sunroom or breakfast nook for a little privacy without losing all that sunshine. Thicker shades increase your privacy and filter intense sunlight in a an office or formal dining room where you prefer natural light but not blinding sun rays. With that being said, if you want absolute privacy and darkness in specific places like bedrooms and baths, louvered shutters or room-darkening roller shades are the preferred choice.

Use Bamboo Shades If You Prefer Earth-Conscious Options

Bamboo brown style shades in a corner of a classic style living room. 

More and more homeowners are interested in their impact on the environment and seek green options. If you want to do your part, choose bamboo shades in your Clearwater home. Bamboo is a replaceable material because it regrows very quickly. And it doesn’t require dangerous processing chemicals. Bamboo is known for its flexibility and sturdiness, so it creates damage-resistant window coverings that will last a long time. If you ever opt to replace your shades, bamboo offers 100% biodegradability, unlike synthetic window treatment materials.

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