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Are Privacy Shades A Good Idea In Clearwater?

September 27, 2021

Should you have to take a respite from the neighborhood, check out privacy shades.. Their thick textile blocks the view into your space, so no one looks in at you. Some privacy shades in Clearwater even allow you to look outside while hiding you from view. Check out how to utilize privacy shades when you crave isolation and when to go with interior shutters as a different window treatment.

Hang Blackout Roller Shades To Get Away From The World

Dark roller shakes in a modern bedroom.

Sometimes you need to hide from the hustle and bustle and destress at your leisure. Privacy shades can block distractions by concealing your windows so no one can see in either way. Blackout roller shades are perfect to use as privacy shades in Clearwater. Their thick textile protects your bathroom, bedroom, and other living spaces from outside eyes, street lights, and warmth. Your room will become cool, dim, and calm. You won’t be pulled away from your book, movie, or meditation by trucks and animals in your neighborhood. And your dark room offers the ideal space for restful sleep!

The lone downside to blackout roller shades is the inability to experience the scene outside your window while they’re pulled shut. However, if your window is angled at your neighbor’s home or a busy street, you probably won’t mind sacrificing the view for your peace and quiet in your home. If you do want to peek out or let in sunlight, you’re free to pull up the shade for a spell or consider a top-down/bottom-up style.

Sheer Roller Shades Restrict The View into Your Living Space But Not Your View Outside

If you dwell near beautiful scenery or an exciting neighborhood, you’d likely enjoy to see your neighborhood when you’re home. But you still could use privacy every now and again. For privacy with a view, set up your windows so you can see out but cannot look in with sheer roller shades in Clearwater. Their unique fabric allows you to gaze through them to the side that is better lit while obscuring anything in dimmer light. In the sunlight, you can glance through your sheer shades to observe the world pass by with minimum visibility back inside.

Just remember that if the lighting in your home is brighter than outside, people can see you through your sheer shades. This can happen if you have a light source near your shades or after dusk. If you opt for sheer roller shades in a bathroom or bedroom, you’ll want blackout shades or layer them with drapes or curtains for round-the-clock privacy.

Try Interior Shutters When Clearwater Privacy Shades Don’t Quite Cut It

White polywood shutters in a kitchen.

Privacy shades may not be best for every layout. Sometimes Polywood® shutters are the best option. Same as privacy shades, they eliminate the view into your house as well as most sunlight and heat when closed. But if you do want a look at nature or illumination, you can slant their louvers open to fit your needs. From the right angle, you can see out without being seen yourself.

Custom interior shutters fit around your windows with no cracks at the edges. Polywood shutters are also the most durable window treatments available. They won’t fray or crack and leave gaps that show the interior of your Clearwater home. And faux-wood shutters are opaque, so you aren’t required to pair them with another window treatment for total privacy.

Discover Privacy Window Treatments At Sunburst Shutters Clearwater

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