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The First Choice for Town 'n' Country Plantation Shutters, Blinds & Shades

For years, homeowners all across Town 'n' Country and surrounding areas have used plantation shutters, blinds or shades to decorate their windows. It’s not hard to understand why–plantation shutters offer all the things someone could want from their window treatment.

Sunburst Shutters Clearwater has helped make those homes and their windows look breathtaking by offering the finest plantation shutters, blinds and shades in Greater Tampa Bay
Polywood shutters in modern family room

And for years, homeowners in Town 'n' Country have looked to Sunburst Shutters when they want to get the highest quality custom shutters and other window treatments in their homes. Again, it’s not hard to understand why. Sunburst Shutters Clearwater has helped revitalize hundreds Town 'n' Country homes, offering modern style, expert workmanship, and acclaimed window treatments with the convenience of in-home shopping.

Why Town 'n' Country Homes Need Interior Shutters

White shutters in home office
With so many Town 'n' Country homes making use of interior shutters, there have to be good reasons for it, right? In all honesty, there are several reasons to consider interior shutters for your home. Here’s why most people are choosing them:
  • Shutters are long-lasting. Shutters’ big advantage over other window treatments is that they last and last. Where a store-bought set of blinds or designer drapes may fray, warp or fade out in the span of a few years, shutters stand firm over time. With expert construction coupled with resilient material, shutters will remain a component of your home for the lifetime of your home.

  • Shutters are energy efficient. Admittedly, shades and blinds can block some outside light, but are they any good at managing the temperature in your home? If you don’t purchase additional weatherstripping, thermal energy can still transfer through the glass. Custom indoor shutters can mitigate that heat movement.

  • Shutters are stunning. No other window treatment can compare with the timelessness, elegance, flexibility, and eye-catching appeal of interior shutters.

Town 'n' Country’s Highest-Quality Faux Wood Shutter is Polywood

For every reason interior shutters are Town 'n' Country homeowners’ top window covering, Polywood® plantation shutters offer those features in spades.

Interior shutters in cozy living room

Made from a unique solid engineered compound, Polywood shutters are totally insusceptible to cracks or chips, and won’t ever bend or warp. They’re by far the most durable shutter you can find in Town 'n' Country. In addition, they’re 100% moisture-proof and heat-resistant, so they’ll survive the worst storms.

Polywood shutters come standard in varying white and off-white shades, with additional wood-color stains for a darker and moodier tone. Their enduring style, broad louvers, and crisp lines make them a gorgeous addition to any space, no matter the style or age.

Our patented Polywood material, with the custom weatherstripping that’s included with our shutters, makes Polywood plantation shutters easily the most energy efficient window covering on the market. Polywood shutters can prevent up to 50% of the heat transfer through your windows, resulting in lower HVAC bills for you.

What’s more, Polywood shutters are made right here in the USA.

Get Natural Looks with Town 'n' Country’s Finest Wood Shutters

There’s no window covering that offers the same sense of history, personality, and richness as real wood shutters. In Town 'n' Country, the best wood shutters are Sunburst’s Ovation® wood shutters. Whereas rival wood shutters are usually hollow, Ovation wood shutters are constructed from 100% furniture-grade teak. That means you don’t just get the natural beauty that only hardwood furnishings can, but also the guarantee that those shutters will keep their looks for decades.

Hardwood shutters in living room with fireplace

Ovation natural wood shutters are a breeze to match to your existing wood or trim in your house, too. With dozens of different wood finishes to choose from, there’s nowhere in your house they won’t look amazing in Greater Tampa Bay

Sunburst also offers reclaimed wood shutters in Town 'n' Country. Every reclaimed wood shutter is constructed from repurposed lumber from wood sources around the U.S, with each individual shutter pane bringing a unique history and character to your space.

The Easiest Way To Get Custom Shutters in Town 'n' Country

When you decide to pay for a home design project, you understandably want the work done to be customized for your house, in both its style and in filling your home’s unique needs. With Sunburst Shutters Clearwater, installing completely custom shutters in Town 'n' Country has never been easier. With our four step plan, your new custom shutters are in reach.

  1. Schedule a free in-home consultation with Sunburst by calling 813-580-7288 or completing our online consultation form.

  2. One of Sunburst’s window design experts brings shutter samples straight to your door, and takes precise measurements of your windows.

  3. Review your shutter choices with your window pro, pick what you want, and put in your order.

  4. Later, our installers will put in your brand-new shutters, without you having to do any work.

Simple, right? Sunburst offers a home design experience you won’t find anywhere else: completed at your pace, on your timetable, and with professionals nearby you every step of the way.

Polywood Shutters Offer Exceptional Energy-efficiency And Can Save You As Much As $1200 With The Energy Tax Credit!

Sunburst’s proprietary Polywood® synthetic wood plantation shutters do more than give you a time-honored appearance and an amazing amount of light control. These shutters can reduce your utility expenses! Polywood shutters can conserve heating and cooling up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The energy-smart qualities of these innovative Clearwater window treatments are even eligible for a 2023 federal tax credit up to $1200.

Supplying Town 'n' Country With The Best Blinds & Shades

Though shutters may be in our name, they’re definitely not the only window covering we provide. From blinds to shades and beyond, Sunburst is your go-to source for any window treatment in Town 'n' Country.

Town 'n' Country Shades

Brown shades in bedroom

The simplicity and low maintenance of our motorized shades in Town 'n' Country are hard to beat. We offer the best looking Honeycomb shades, Roman shades, and fabric shades–with several options to choose from in patterns, textures and more.

Town 'n' Country Blinds

Hardwood blinds in living room

We didn’t stop at building the best shutters in Town 'n' Country. Our Town 'n' Country Blinds give you the solid construction and longevity of Polywood with the ease of use and simple design of blinds. Available in basswood and faux wood, with endless options including motorized operation and valances, Blinds answer that age-old question of “Is it possible to build a better blind?”

For Town 'n' Country Window Treatments, Turn To Sunburst

Don’t let your windows be an afterthought to your home design any longer. With aid from Sunburst Shutters Clearwater, you can completely change up the look and feel of your space, without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Simply call 813-580-7288 today to speak with one of our window treatment professionals, and schedule your free window design consultation, so you can get the best window treatment for any window in your home, regardless of the size, unique shape, or room it’s in.