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Faux wood blinds in a dark finish on kitchen windows

Is It Worth It To Get Custom Window Blinds in Greater Tampa Bay?

February 29, 2024

For many homeowners, window blinds are the simplest choice when updating your window treatments. These slatted products are one of the most economical ways to introduce appeal and light management to your room. Although it may seem simpler to purchase ready-made blinds, you’re better off choosing custom wood or faux wood blinds in Clearwater. These hand-crafted blinds hold up better, are more appealing, and operate more reliably than regular blinds.

Custom Window Blinds Offer Greater Durability

Brown wood shutters on large windows in a green bathroom

When you purchase window blinds in Greater Tampa Bay, you get what you pay for. Pre-made window blinds may be less expensive, but these inferior aluminum or vinyl blinds damage rapidly and need to be replaced sooner than later.

On the contrary, custom blinds are made from stronger materials like faux or real wood. These materials don’t bend or break easily like vinyl and aluminum do. The operating mechanisms and cords on custom faux wood and wood blinds are of higher quality, as well. They won’t wear out rapidly from normal use. Custom window blinds in Clearwater last longer, so you really get your money’s worth.

Custom Window Blinds Look Precisely How You Want

Dark brown blinds on windows in a dining room

Custom window blinds always look more appealing in your Clearwater home than off-the-shelf blinds. In particular, they’re manufactured with higher-quality craftsmanship and materials like natural or faux wood. Custom blinds also fit your windows properly. They look like they were meant for your residence and were picked in a thoughtful and meticulous manner. Improperly fitted blinds look like a hurried afterthought.

When you order custom window blinds in Clearwater, you also get to select features like

  • The color
  • A wood grain or smooth finish
  • Twill tapes
  • A decorative valance
  • Round or square corners

These features help you create an alluring, one-of-a-kind look. You may tailor-make them to coordinate with other aspects of your home. You can’t do that with window treatments you grab off the store shelf!

Custom Window Blinds Are A Better Fit

 A close up view of gray blinds in a window

Windows come in a wide range of sizes, and so do window fashions. When buying off-the-rack blinds, you need to browse for ones that are nearest to the dimensions of your window. You’ll likely settle for blinds that fall short of covering the window pane and leave a gap or that stick out beyond the window’s perimeter. This less-than-ideal fit might make your blinds less operable. They either won’t supply proper coverage, or they’ll slap against the frame or wall when you move them.

Custom wood blinds or faux wood blinds give you a perfect fit. Your skilled installer will measure your windows so your blinds may be custom-made. They’ll cover the windows without bumping anything for proper coverage and operation. You won’t have to worry about if strangers can see around a gap or if your blinds and window will get scraped up.

If you have concerns about putting blinds on specialty-shaped windows, very large windows, doors, or hard-to-access windows, speak to your window treatment professional about plantation shutters. They work on every kind of window and offer all the perks of blinds, plus many more!

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