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Polywood shutters on windows in an elegant dining room

Try These Dazzling Dining Room Window Treatments in Greater Tampa Bay

January 18, 2024

Whether you like elaborate engagements during the holidays or low-key weeknight family dinners, the right dining room window treatments can add to the success of your meals. Dining room window treatments in in Greater Tampa Bay ought to dazzle visitors but also withstand the accidental spill, as well. And, without a doubt, they need to give you exceptional light control to keep the sun’s glare away from your eyes while you dine.

You could pick vibrant fabric window shades or premium wood blinds for an instant improvement. But for a timeless upgrade, try appealing and long-wearing Polywood® plantation shutters. The choice comes down to style and functionality.

Polywood Interior Shutters Look Wonderful On Any Window

Polywood shutters on a large window in a neutral-colored dining room

Whenever you gather in your dining room, your visitors or family will have the chance to appreciate your window treatments. Provide them something dazzling to take in with Polywood shutters. Polywood interior shutters have the time-tested appearance of well-loved wood shutters but are an extruded composite wood material that is available in complementary shades of white that match every interior design. Their solid construction makes them a lasting architectural feature rather than a short-term addition. They bestow an understated charm to both formal and informal dining rooms.

Polywood shutters are also one of a few window treatments that can perfectly cover custom-shaped windows. Shades and blinds on an arched or oval opening will leave areas of the window bare, making it appear incomplete, or cover the whole window and much of the wall surrounding it. Curtains will completely hide the window and might make your space seem smaller when blocking sunshine. Plantation shutters, however, are custom-made to perfectly fit any angled or arched window, and will let you proudly present your specialty window while still giving you light governance and energy savings.

Polywood Shutters Are Simple To Clean

Polywood shutters on a large window in a neutral-colored dining room

A few mishaps here and there are expected in a space dedicated to sharing meals. Whereas food spills can ruin wood and cloth window treatments, heavy-duty Polywood shutters will last decades on your dining room windows. Their impervious exterior finish is resistant to stains and wipes down easily with a dampened rag if a guest gets food residue on your shutters. And they’re a breeze to touch up with a duster prior to dinners. You won’t need to remove them to clean, and there’s nothing to launder. All it requires is a quick wipe, and they look like new again.

Polywood Shutters Give You Full Mastery Over Sunlight And Privacy

Polywood shutters with top louvers tilted open in a dining room

The perfect lighting sets the mood for a special occasion or casual family meal. Polywood shutters let you achieve the most suitable level of exterior light no matter what kind of dinner you are planning. If you have an amazing outdoor environment to appreciate during meals, pull back the shutter panels for a complete view. Too much sun? Shut your shutters and tilt the louvers to get sunlight out of your eyes. Or if it’s cold out and you wish to prevent icy air from getting through your windows, completely shut the louvers and panels. Polywood’s exclusive weather sealing makes these coverings the most energy-friendly dining room window treatments in in Greater Tampa Bay!

Fastened Polywood shutters provide total privacy too. In the evenings when you don’t want the neighbors seeing in, close the shutters before you eat. They shut firmly and won’t sway from drafts like window shades and blinds can. You can delight in your dinner with no exterior disturbances on a nightly basis.


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