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How To Improve Your Clearwater Home for the Holidays

December 17, 2019

With the holidays are in full winter bloom, it's the perfect opportunity to get your Clearwater home in order for Yuletide guests. You have the usual decorating, cooking, and cleaning that needs to be done before company arrives. But is your home, itself, ready? Or does it use some new chairs, lights and energy-efficient interior shutters?

If you want to provide an inviting place to stay, try these ways to improve your home for the holidays.

Dress Your Windows With Energy-Efficient Shutters

Holiday spread in festive dining room. After trimming the tree and garland, you might discover that your windows look dull and drab. By putting up plantation shutters over your windows, you give your room a finished look that also brings out your holiday embellishments. Plantation shutters also can effectively mitigate sun glare in the morning and evening. They work great in places like the living room, so no one has to open presents with a annoying sunset hitting them in the face.

By improving your Clearwater home for the holidays by getting shutters, you attain both style and energy-efficiency. That’s because when the cold wind starts blowing, you can shut your shutters for an energy-efficient boost. Plantation shutters are known as the best window coverings to block air flow through your windows -- so you keep the warm temperatures inside and the chilly air out.

Of course, if you chose to pair energy-efficiency with durability, you will want to use a faux wood shutter, like our Polywood® plantation shutters. Polywood is up to 70% more energy-efficient than basswood shutters and up to 1600% more energy-efficient than aluminum blinds. You can even cover your unusually shaped windows with Polywood shutters, which means that each window will look beautiful while still keeping the room nice. 

’Tis The Season For New Furniture In The Living Room

Living room with horse painting and plantation shutters. 
Now that your windows are covered, you need to look at what guests will be sitting on. If your chairs are beginning to look a little ratty, the holidays are a wonderful time to upgrade. By replacing a worn-out sofa, or adding a couple leather chairs by the fire, you can give your rooms an atmosphere that’s perfect for lounging around. Plus, your guests will feel more comfortable sitting on something that wasn’t purchased during the 1930’s. After all, how many times can you flip over that cushion anyway?. 

Add Holiday Cheer To Every Room In The House

Traditional bedroom decorated for Christmas.

You strung the lights and covered the downstairs in festive embellishments. But there’s no greater feeling for your family than waking up to a tiny piece of holiday magic in their own bedroom. And a sprig of holly in the kitchen can calm you down when you’re fussing about your holiday feast.

Decorations shouldn’t be heavy-handed, and you shouldn’t think that you need a house filled withseveral tinseled pine trees. But a slight detail in the corners can keep up your holiday morale.

Improve Your Clearwater House For The Holidays By Changing Out Ineffective Lighting Fixtures

Ensuring that your lighting fixture is right for your needs should be on your holiday list.

New chairs, decorations, and energy-efficient window treatments are great, but it may not matter if no one can see them. Improving your home for the holidays should include replacing ineffective lamps and chandeliers. Your shaded table lamp might provide enough light when it’s just you and your immediate family, but when people come over, you’ll want to get some adequate lighting.

Most lights are simple to put in and can do wonders for a room. TheylLighting can eliminate room shadows in the corners. If an updated light isn’t warranted, just make sure your fixtures aren’t missing any globes or hoods. And using a dimmer switch can allow you to adjust the fixtures to you holiday fairy lights.

Sunburst Will Help Improve Your Home For The Holidays With Energy-Efficient Plantation Shutters

Preparing for holiday visitors might involve one or two needed improvements to your home. Sunburst Shutters will help you install the best energy-efficient shutters that will make your home cozy for the holidays. Simply fill out the form below or call us at 813-580-7288 for a free in-home consultation.