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White Polywood shutters on living room windows of different sizes

How To Select Window Coverings For Different Sized Windows In Clearwater

June 07, 2021

The majority of windows in Clearwater homes feature a common rectangular shape, which makes buying identical window treatments easy. But what if a room has windows of different shapes and sizes? This scenario can make selecting window treatments challenging. Whenever you are looking for window coverings for a room with different-sized windows in Clearwater, it’s better to choose the same products, neutral tones, and layering to create consistency. But not all window treatments accommodate unusually sized windows.

Get Corresponding Window Coverings For A Room With Different-sized Windows In Clearwater

 Polywood® shutters in a dining room.

An area with mismatched windows will seem unbalanced. You can get a more cohesive feel by employing the same type of window treatment on all windows. This styling recommendation removes the focus from the size or shape differences and fosters symmetry. To attain this objective, select custom-made solutions that suit your windows in spite of their dimensions. You might be able to achieve this with blinds or shades, but interior shutters are your best option.

As opposed to blinds and shades, you can custom fit shutters to all window shapes and sizes and continue to to open and close them. These robust window treatments are made of natural wood or a synthetic wood-like material and have louvered panels set within a frame that is permanently secured around your window. They block outdoor light and provide privacy while bringing subtle elegance to a space. 

Blend Different Sized Windows With Treatments in Neutral Colors

White Polywood shutters on windows of different sizes in a living room

Neutral-colored window treatments are best when selecting window coverings for a room with different-sized windows in Clearwater. More colorful treatments direct the eye right to your windows and highlight their differences. Understated options help your windows harmonize with the other features within the room.

You’ll find the most neutral color options with fabric window shades. But quality blinds and plantation shutters offer plenty of options as well. Wood window treatments are available in many stain and paint colors ranging from light to dark. And white Polywood® shutters work with everything!

Disguise Different-sized Windows With A Layered Strategy

 Polywood shutters and curtains on dining room windows of different sizes

If you have windows of different sizes in one space, you might use a layered strategy to hide their variances. If your windows aren’t exceedingly different sizes, install curtains at identical heights for each one to make it seem that your windows are equal in size. Layer curtains with more functional shades or louvered shutters to give depth to your windows and draw attention away from their size discrepancies.

Sunburst Has Window Coverings For Your Room With Different-sized Windows In Clearwater

No matter how you wish to address your different-sized windows, get the ideal look with custom-made window treatments from Sunburst Shutters Clearwater. We help you choose styles you love and expertly put them up for you. To start your home upgrade, dial 813-580-7288 or submit the the following form to schedule an in-home consultation free of charge.