Gray roller shades in a modern living room.

The Dos And Donts Of Choosing Window Treatments In Clearwater

November 09, 2021

You wants window treatments that offer durability and light management. Less desirable window treatments don’t hold up and cause frustration when trying to manage the amounts of privacy and natural light in your Clearwater house. What can you do to be certain you purchase window treatments you are delighted with now and still appreciate in the years to come? Follow these suggestions for choosing window treatments in Clearwater to acquire the best coverings for your home.

Don’t Buy Second-Rate, Bargain Options When Choosing Window Treatments In Clearwater

When you’re keeping an eye on expenses, it might seem wise to buy bargain window treatments, but you’ll quickly be sorry. Lower-grade window treatments don’t look nice. They often are made with a thinner material and let in excess sunlight and air even in a shut. And they break or discolor in little time. If you always choose substandard options, you stand to lose a great deal of your valuable time and pay changing them every so often.

Do Pick Window Coverings That Will Stand The Test of Time

White Polywood shutters above a kitchen sink. 

Choosing window treatments in Clearwater is a way of making an investment in your home. You need to search for options that are appealing and built to the highest standards. In so doing, you’ll love how they look in your home, and they’ll bring you years of reliable functionality.

When considering resilient window treatments, Polywood® shutters last the longest. These distinctive options are made of a composite substance that isn’t subject to warping, chipping, and cracking from changes in the temperature or humidity levels. You can put Polywood treatments in a cooler spot like an attic or a steamy master bath, and they’ll still look great years into the future. The classic style also blends well with any decor from traditional to modern, so there’s no need to remove them due to the current interior design craze.

Don’t Settle For Ready-made Window Treatments

Buying mass-produced window treatments from the closest reseller seems easy, but you won’t be happy when you see that they don’t fit your windows very well. Your windows may not be a standard size or they could have been impacted by the settling of your house, so you won’t find options that fit their exact dimensions at big-box stores. Everything could be too wide and not fit within the opening or too narrow and leave gaps around the border.

Another consideration is that you’ll have limited options at big-box locations. Stores generally only carry very basic window treatments. If you want appealing options to complement your interior or if you’re trying to fulfill a specific need for directing sunlight or reducing energy costs, you need a more personalized alternative.

Do Acquire Custom-made Window Treatments That Fit Your Property

White Polywood shutters on glass doors and custom-made windows. 

Made-to-order window treatments provide nearly limitless possibilities to accommodate all of your needs. You have the ability to order window shades in numerous designs and colors to match your Clearwater home’s interior and then pick from cordless, corded and motorized solutions. An assortment of shutter slat dimensions and tilt rod possibilities give you more management over privacy and natural light.

Custom window treatments are a better choice because they fit your windows’ precise measurements, even on unique window shapes. You won’t have gaps at the edges that may allow prying eyes, sun glare, or drafts. You could use custom window treatments like blackout roller shades to keep an area that often gets too hot and sunny less bright and more comfortable. You might also close the louvers on your customized plantation-style shutters for total privacy.

Discover Quality, Custom-made Window Treatments At Sunburst Shutters Clearwater

Talk with Sunburst Shutters Clearwater and we’ll make choosing window treatments in Clearwater easy. We carry only the best products available and provide various custom options to present window treatments that will elevate your home. To schedule a complimentary, in-home consultation, simply reach out to 813-580-7288 or submit the form below.